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Dr. Helmut Kohl

Jürgen Baumgarten beim kondolieren für Dr. Helmut Kohl im Landtag MV.



Соболезнования по поводу теракта в Санкт Петербурге

JB Germanoil ist offizieller Vertriebspartner von Aral und Castrol


Ab jetzt sind Produkte von Aral und Castrol direkt bei uns erhältlich


Das legendäre Rennen auf der Insel auf der Kartbahn in Ca´n Picafort

Weiter so Kevin

Kevin Wölbert 2015: Deutscher Vizemeister,Deutscher Mannschaftsmeister,
Englischer Premier League Meister

Andere reden, Jürgen Baumgarten gilt als ein Mann der Tat

Unterkünfte für über 80 Einwanderer von Jürgen Baumgarten zur Verfügung gestellt.

Brähmer von Beginn an Chef im Ring

Jürgen Brähmer hat seinen WM-Titel im Halbschwergewicht erfolgreich verteidigt.


European Championship 20.06.2015 in Torun/PL


JB Germanoil ist Rennsport

Der Vize-Europameister fährt mit Unterstützungden von JB Germanoil

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JB GERMAN OIL GmbH & Co KG is a company in the lubricants business, based in Wittenburg close to Hamburg. JB GERMAN OIL is an associated company of the Hamburg firm Petronord GmbH & Co. KG this in turn belongs to Marquard & Bahls AG, a company operating worldwide and active in the international oil and energy sector for over 60 years, with over 8,500 employees globally.

Founded in 1997, JB GERMAN OIL GmbH & Co KG today enjoys the trust of many satisfied customers in more than 51 countries across the globe. With its competence, its top-level service and its strong customer orientation, as well as its attractive prices and great reliability, the company has truly earned a name for itself, having established itself as a well-known fixture in the market for lubricants for several years now. The team at JB GERMAN OIL produces and markets more than 6,500 tonnes of high-tech lubricants annually, thereby demonstrating its strong performance and competence as a partner - selling products under one´s own name and company logo shows the customer that the firm is highly regarded in the market for lubricants and it also strengthens the company´s level of recognition in the market.

At its site in Wittenburg, just off the A24 motorway, the company´s 80,000 m² site houses an office and production/warehouse complex, with storage capacity for over 800,000 litres of lubricant; this is stored in all types of vessels customary to this business sector, for every purpose and area of application. Our portfolio spans the range from engine oils and transmission oils, via hydraulic fluids, fats, products for high-specification motorbikes and also service products, through to chemicals used for winter needs. Apart from direct collection of goods at the warehouse, the product is distributed to the customer by several means, including shipment by container at the port of Hamburg, and not least by use of the first-class transport connections with the A24 motorway; there is also a daily dispatch of goods across all of Germany, using DPD and also our logistics partner Schenker Deutschland AG, to the OIL! service stations located throughout Germany.